Call for Papers

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Call for Papers

IFTR Scenography Working Group 'Shared Space' Symposium at PQ’15 Thursday 25th June – Saturday 27th June 2015, Prague – Czech Republic

IFTR Scenography Working Group Symposium at PQ’15

Thursday 25th June – Saturday 27th June 2015, Prague – Czech Republic


For the first time, the Scenography Working Group of the IFTR/FIRT have been invited by Sodja Lotker, (Artistic Director of PQ) and the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute to convene an academic symposium as an integral part of the Prague Quadrennial 2015 schedule. The symposium will take place between Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th June 2015 in the Baroque Colloredo Mansfeld Palace (Královská cesta), which will be the central space of PQ’15.


The Scenography Working Group is therefore convening its own ‘Shared Space’ in which to discuss contemporary notions of scenography and to exchange current academic research in the discipline. We are inviting proposals in a variety of formats that address key aspects that relate to the artistic vision of PQ’15:


• scenography as SharedSpace – space that influences (designs) relationships between people, space that provides room for relating, and more than anything space that provides place for sharing – sharing of ideas, stories, and of social responsibilities

• scenography and the theatrical – as an imaginary, visionary force with the power to effect change and provoke transformation

• invisible scenographies – environments that influence us deeply although they are intangible –The three areas of Music, Weather and Politics are main themes for the main PQ’15 Scenography international exhibition

• scenography and making –the relationship between the Makers (scenographer- artist) – the Space (performance architecture) and the Objects (products with stories) This reflects the focus of three additional exhibitions at PQ’15.


We also invite proposals that address the theme of the forthcoming IFTR 2015 Conference: Theatre and Democracy. In particular, we want to engage with scenography in the public space, and as a part of political debate – the scenographies of political meetings, rallies and conferences, the scenographies of protest and repression, and of all aspects of the public representation of the political realm.

We are looking for proposals linked to these themes in one or more of the following formats:


1. Seminar Proposals or Provocations for focused discussion

Small group discussions based on a pre-determined theme. SWG members are invited to propose and prepare a short provocation, statement or question (15 minute maximum) to stimulate focused discussion of the theme.


2. Visual/Aural Presentations

An opportunity to explore emergent ideas through a range of presentation methods (e.g. a 10 minute maximum Pecha Kucha, Prezi, sharing of video content etc.) This offers an opportunity to share research-in-progress or relatively complete work that is being readied for publication elsewhere.

Early career researchers may also use the presentation format to present work not intended for publication, or that will be submitted as part of their doctoral studies, (although they should also be aware of the IFTR New Scholars programme at the annual World Congress which may be more appropriate.)


3. Academic paper presentation

A 20 minute formal presentation of a research paper. Abstracts will be double blind peer reviewed before acceptance. Papers will be pre-circulated, and presenters are encouraged not to read papers in full, but to talk the audience through the main arguments and ideas.

There will be no charge to attend the conference other than the admission price for PQ itself. Other interested members of the public attending PQ will be allowed access to those sessions that are deemed suitable.


Proposals should be clearly identified in relation to one of the four areas:

Scenography as SharedSpace

Scenography and the theatrical

Invisible scenographies

Scenography and making


and it should be clear which form of presentation method you would prefer to use:

1. Seminar/Provocation (10-15 minutes)

2. Visual/Aural Presentation (10 minutes)

3. Academic Paper (20 minutes)


Proposals should be sent to both co-convenors of the SWG, Scott Palmer and Nick Hunt: and


Deadline for proposals: 18th January 2015

Acceptances confirmed by 15th February 2015

Academic papers must be submitted by 27th April 2015, to allow them to be pre-circulated.

For details of the CfP for the Scenography Working Group's meeting at IFTR World Congress at Hyderabad 5-10th July 2015, please see


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