The International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) exists to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between individuals and organisations concerned with theatre research. To this end the Federation supports publications and assists its members in all such activities and projects.

The IFTR works actively to create opportunities for the publication of pioneering research and has negotiated two book series with leading publishers, focusing broadly on international dimensions of theatre and performance across a range of historical periods and geographical scales.

Theatre Research International

Theatre Research Internationalis the official journal of the IFTR which publishes articles on theatre practices in their social, cultural, and historical contexts, their relationship to other media of representation, and to other fields of inquiry. The journal is published by Cambridge University Press and seeks to reflect the evolving diversity of critical idioms prevalent in the scholarship of differing world contexts.

Theatre Research International also publishes translations of recent significant and influentialarticles that originally appeared in languages other than English. Proposed translations go through a vetting process and, if accepted, may be eligible for IFTR funding of €750 to underwrite translationcosts.

Studies in International Performance

In Studies in International Performance scholars of performance produce interactions between and among nations and cultures as well as genres, identities, and imaginations. Inter-national in the largest sense, the books collected here display a range of historical, theoretical, and critical approaches to the panoply of performances that make up the global surround. Culture and performance cross borders constantly, and not just the borders that define nations. The series, published by Palgrave Macmillan in association with the IFTR, embraces 'Culture' which is institutional as well as improvised, underground, or alternate, and analyzes 'Performance' as either intercultural or transnational as well as intracultural within nations.

Themes in Theatre

The series Themes in Theatre is published by Rodopi in association with the IFTR and provides a publishing environment for collective work by its members. Monographs are not considered for this series; it aims at volumes that are characterised by a high level of interconnectedness – each author clearly contributing to a central subject within the field of theatre and performance. The fact that the multiple authors will have discussed the subject and their contributions among each other not only ensures a high level of consistency within each volume but also results in a gamut of approaches and perspectives that nevertheless are centrally focused.

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