Update on IFTR2020 and Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Issued 17 March 2020

31 March, 2020

Please note: this update was posted on 17 March 2020. The date of 31 March above refers to how long this item will remain the headline news item on the site.

Dear IFTR members,

We are very grateful for the many messages of solidarity and support that we have received since the coronavirus crisis began. As you know, acting in consultation with the IFTR Executive Committee, we have suspended registration and the accommodation booking period until 1 April, by which time we hope that we will have a clearer sense of whether the conference can go ahead.

Like most other countries in the EU, Ireland has now entered a phase of containing the virus and delaying its spread - so all schools, colleges, creches and many shops have been closed. The rate of infection in the country remains relatively stable thus far. However, the situation remains unpredictable and we continue to monitor it carefully.

As delegates will be aware, the crisis is placing enormous strain on businesses associated with tourism internationally, including airlines, hotels, restaurants and more. We have no reason to believe that there is any risk of such problems arising in Ireland at present, but as a matter of good practice we strongly advise all delegates to ensure that you have travel insurance in place to cover any losses that might arise if matters deteriorate significantly.

Finally, we would want to emphasise that we are continuing to hope that the IFTR 2020 will take place, and to plan accordingly. We remain happy to provide letters of invitation in support of visa applications, to answer your queries about scheduling or facilities, and to hear from you about any other matters related to the conference on iftrgalway2020@gmail.com

We hope you, your colleagues, and your loved ones remain healthy and happy during the challenging times ahead.

Miriam Haughton, Marianne Kennedy, Patrick Lonergan, Charlotte McIvor and Ian Walsh

IFTR 2020 organising committee

Please direct all questions about #IFTR2020 to: iftrgalway2020@gmail.com

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