Intercultural Roots Update - October 2019

30 October, 2019 by Alexander Boyd | 0 comments

Intercultural Roots Update - October 2019

Born from the IFTR Embodied research Working Group 'Intercultural Roots' is a new international not-for-profit supporting embodied practice & research through enabling partnerships and funding.

Our latest UPDATE contains information about our:

  • Health & WELLth partnership programme and 3-5 April 2020 festival in London
  • current workshops and collaborative practitioner labs in California
  • plans for an 'Alchemy in Practice' residency in Ireland the week prior to the IFTR 2020 Galway conference

Please email - - if you would like to be included in our online Basecamp forum where you can follow or join the discussion about Intercultural Root's development.  Please include your name, email address and affiliation thanks.  

Indigenous, traditional and contemporary embodied practices from around the world are diverse and yet have much in common, and bring so many benefits to those who take part in them. Intercultural Roots is a collaborative partnership that supports the development and continuation of embodied practice and the development of embodied research internationally. We are already a network of over 80 practitioner and scholars connected to communities and universities in over 26 countries and we believe that promoting embodied practice to a wide international community will help people develop a personal practice as well as address some of the big issues facing the world right now. Anyone interested or involved in embodied practices, whether a practitioner a researcher or an institution committed to health, intercultural understanding or social change is invited to collaborate with us. We are working to develop and implement a wide range of projects, locally, nationally or internationally.


Intercultural Roots Current Priorities:

*      Promoting and nurturing collaboration between the different groups who are committed to embodied practices, for example to:

  •         Encouraging more individuals and groups to exchange knowledge, support and mutual care through our platform
  •         Developing relationships with research communities, who we believe have a key role to play in helping evidence the relevance and contribution of embodied practices

*      Raising awareness of embodied practices and their benefits, for example to:

  •         Increase public participation in these practices so that more people have the opportunity to develop a personal practice
  •         Providing research, insight and evidence into the benefits and contributions these practices have on individuals and societies

*      Providing and assisting with activities that either support or promote embodied practices, such as:

  •         Projects, research, funding and development
  •         Festivals, collaborative events and international exchanges
  •         Teacher/trainer training and development

Why the Banyan Tree visualisation?
From the mother tree fruits grow on the branches or stems with aerial roots that grow downwards. These become new trunks that are eventually indistinguishable from the primary trunk. What looks like a forest of individual trees is actually a grove of oneness! It seemed like a metaphor for Intercultural Roots that is inspired by nature.


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Dr Alex Boyd PhD
Executive Director - Intercultural Roots
Founder IFTR Embodied Research Working Group
Research Associate - University of California at Davis
Coordinator - The Taoist Centre
+44 7753 611768 (WhatsApp / FaceTime)


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