Call For Papers- Due June 1!

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Call For Papers- Due June 1!

A special section of Etudes Dec 2019 / Vol 5 No 1 Dramaturgies of Home: Domestic Spaces, On and Off Stage Guest Editors: Jeanmarie Higgins and Michael Schweikardt, The Pennsylvania State University

Recent scholarship about the relationship of domestic spaces to theatre and performance histories—including Dorothy Chansky’s Kitchen Sink Realisms, Nicolas Grene’s Home on the Stage, and Fred Miller Robinson’s Rooms in Dramatic Realism—have opened vibrant conversations about how race, class, gender, and nationalisms affect playwriting, scenic practices, and theatre labor practices. This special issue of Etudesbuilds on this conversation-in-progress by embracing the questions these scholars pose while posing new questions that frame domestic space in perhaps unexpected ways. A key addition to the format of this issue is inclusion of peer-reviewed photo essays from theatre design practitioners.

For this special section of Etudes, we seek scholarly essays (4000-5000 words), extended abstracts (1500-2500 words), and design essays (2 images, each with caption and 250 word abstract – see guidelines below).

Critical essays might include or address:

  • A critical performance analysis that engages the staging of a real or offstage domestic space, or that engages “home” as a space, place, or imaginary.
  • A particular playwright, designer, or director’s (historical or contemporary) staging of domestic space.
  • A discussion of offstage domestic spaces, including the ways that home—broadly construed—affect performance dramaturgies.
  • Theatre that takes place in a domestic space: site specific plays, Happenings, dances, immersive theatre, et cetera.

Extended Abstracts might address/pose/provoke the following questions:

  • How do production models at universities, professional theatres, and community-based performance organizations privilege certain models of “home” over others?
  • In what way is (or was) a particular theatre a home: for students, for artists, for a community?
  • How do theatre artists create home in offstage spaces?
  • How does home shape plot, character, language, design, and/or spectacle? How do these stage languages, in turn, affect and effect dramaturgies of home?

Photo essays from theatre design practitioners and design students should speak to the idea of domestic space on stage in contrasting ways - the expected and the unexpected.

Submission Guidelines for Dramaturgies of Home: Domestic Spaces, On and Off Stage

  • Critical Essays should be 4000-6000 words including notes. 
  • Extended abstracts should be 1500-2500 words, and host a question related to domestic space and theatre: this means that abstracts should pose a question, offer several answers, and either re-pose or reframe the same question at the end of the abstract.
  • Design essays should include two images of the designer's own work: one a photo of a realized design on stage that reflects the idea of a traditional, naturalistic, domestic space, and one a photo of a realized design on stage that signifies "home" in an unexpected, non-traditional way. Each image should be accompanied by credit caption information and a short paragraph of approximately 250 words (or fewer) that broadly answers the question, "how is the idea of domestic space at work in each of these designs?" For specific questions about photo essay submissions, contact Michael at

Submissions of both themed and general work will be considered for this issue. See Etudes general guidelines at (see below)
Eligibility: Etudes is a peer reviewed online theatre and performance studies journal for emerging scholars, dedicated to the unique voice of the individual scholar. We invite the submission of scholarly manuscripts, media, performance reviews, manifestos, etc. covering any range of topics within the theatre and performance studies realm. We highly encourage works of performative writing and academic playfulness. This is a place to try things out, take some risks, and expand the definition of what is considered rigorous publishable material. Submissions of any and all theatre-based scholarship will be considered.

Note: If you plan to submit an essay that draws from a dissertation chapter or book chapter, please adapt this material into essay length and for, ie..., articulate a thesis; keep literature review to a minimum; and keep the essay to an appropriate scope for a 5000 word essay.

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