The Gurdjieff Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. Various Events and International Conference: 10 -13 October 2019

11 July, 2019

The Gurdjieff Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. Various Events and International Conference: 10 -13 October 2019

The Gurdjieff Institute in Tbilisi is celebrating the 100 years of the setting up of Gurdjieff’s ‘Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man in Tbilisi (1919-1920) with several events on 10 -13 October 2019 After successfully launching the new Gurdjieff Institute Tbilisi in 2017 we are proud to announce that we are celebrating the 100 years since Gurdjieff came to stay in Tbilisi and where he held the first Movements’ demonstration at the Rustaveli National and Opera theatres. Under the patronage of: ITI/UNESCO Network& Tbilisi City Hall; The organizers of the event are:GIT, Arts Research Institute of Georgia, UNESCO ITI Georgian Centre, Stichting Caucasus Foundation (NL) in partnership with Rustaveli National Theatre.

We are inviting you to come and celebrate with us and other international artistic & spiritual practitioners, researchers and academics, the uniqueness of Gurdjieff’s study of a human being and his possibilities for transformation. His work brought a new awareness into many fields and has influenced today’s psychology,  philosophy, history, various forms of art, theatre and bodily movement, music and entered the stream of academic interest and research.

During this anniversary period we are organizing workshops, exhibitions, conferences, films, performances, concerts &guided tours to places were Gurdjieff lived and worked.

Deadline for application:20 July 2019 

Notification of decision: 25 July 2019

Registration fee for the 4 days full program: 450 Euro

Registration fee for conference presentation 250 Euro

Registration fee for conference participation 200 Euro

Registration fee for workshops and evening programs 200 Euro

(Full registration Includes all the activities: conferences, workshops, performances, guided tourstea/coffee breaks, lunch (during the conference) and all publicity; Presentation fee includes tea/coffee breaks, lunch  and dinner(during the conference), printing of abstracts and presentation after the conference; Participation fee includes , coffee breaks/lunches (during the conference, dinner only on advance registration); Workshops fee includes free attendance on workshops and evening programs).

More details about the Institute can be downloaded here

A registration form for the conference can be downloaded here

Gurdjieff International Conference 12-13 October, 2019

Call for papers

If you would like to make a presentation in the conference as well, please send an abstract of maximum 300 words, a brief cv and a few lines what is your personal interest in the work of Gurdjieff.

Conference organiser: Dr. Levan Khetaguri, Director of GIT

Keynote speakers: Ms. Margit S Martinu, Italy, and Mr. Elan Sicroff, USA, both students of direct disciples of Gurdjieff.

Programme guests: Tobias Biancone, GD UNESCO ITI; Fabio Tolledi, Chair ITI Europe Theatre Council; Jaroslaw Fret, Director of Godowsky Institute, Poland; Connie Jones, Professor, School of Consciousness and Transformation California Institute of Integral Studies, USA; Goran Bogdanovski (Dancer and Choreographer, Slovenia); Milos Kecman, Slovenia; and many others.

Application deadline: 20 July 2019

Confirmation of acceptance: 25 July 2019

Deadline for full presentation: 25 August 2019


-       The number of participants is restricted, so it is advised to register before this date.

-       Presentation must be not more than 10 minutes

-       Selected Abstracts and presentation will be printed in volume

We are available to answer your questions and we hope that the week we are preparing for you will be a source of personal inspiration and shared purpose.



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