XV International Conference of Indian Society for Theater Research

10 October, 2018 by Ravi Chaturvedi | 0 comments

XV International Conference of  Indian Society for Theater Research

School of Media & Communication, Manipal University Jaipur 7-9 February 2019 Call for Papers DISCOURSES OF DISSENT: EXPLORING THE PARADIGMS

Dissent is an instinct that has suffered the most in the journey of civilizing humans through manifestations of theological, sociological, political and other institutions. The formation and deformation of multiple modernity in the world for the last two centuries has shaped the rich ways and means to dissent in an astonishing manner. Alongside the innovations and creative interventions in the discourses of dissent, the counterproductive propaganda to derail these discourses has been working with power and politics of a much subversive nature with crudest intentions. Such situations often engender fertile grounds to experiment with arts especially the performative arts. But, it is easier said than done since such experiments need more than just the passion to perform. Ideological orientation, political literacy, grit and perseverance are the formative constituents of such performance journeys. The dangers, that such movements involve, include psychological, physical, emotional and economic persecution through systemic and procedural exploitations of various apparatuses of the state and the society. A head on conflict with such establishments is always fatal for the art and many times for the artists. The need is to innovate one’s way out of the scenario where performance spaces are squeezing and intolerance is bloating. The forthcoming conference of ISTR aims to focus on the ways and means of dissent through performance that are productive and enable sustainability of the form and the performer. It needs to be asserted here that the deliberations in the conference must emerge as the pointers for the future directions while engaging with the issues that have plagued the free expression in the global world that has been clouded in the neoliberal and neocolonial hegemonic practices. Abstracts are invited on the issues that may (but not limited to) deal with following subtopics:

  • Voicing dissent in theatre and films
  • Shrinking spaces of performance and protest
  • National politics and the performance
  • Performing protest
  • Transgressions and freedom of expression in performance
  • Ideologies and creative representations
  • Institutionalized suppression of performance journeys
  • Caste and the protest in theatre and cinema
  • Dehumanizing performance systems
  • Social media and the performance paradigms
  • Apoliticality: Boon or bane to performance culture

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

We welcome proposals for general conference and for the Research ScholarsForum dealing with the subject. General Conference papers must be no longer than twenty (20) minutes. In Research ScholarsForum, research scholars may have presentations of ten minutes preferably on their research topics.

All proposals  (not more than 300 words) should contain: author; title; intended audience. The abstract will ONLY be accepted after peer-review. 


  •  Submission of abstracts: 30 November 2018 (abstracts will not be accepted after this date)
  • Acceptance Information: 15 December 2018
  • Full papers submission: 25 January 2019
  •   Early Registration: 31st January 2019

For further detail about registration fee, accommodation, conference venue, etc. write to 
Prof. Ravi Chaturvedi (Conference Coordinator) at istr.str@gmail.com


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