IFTR World Congress: Additional Events

07 July, 2018 by Chris Collins | 0 comments

Three additional events are available for the IFTR World Congress

1.    Thursday, July 12, 12:30

Yugoslav Film Archive

An Untimely Book – book promotion (The publication will be presented by Marijana Cvetković, Ana Vujanović and Ana Letunić)

An Untimely Book is a collection of essays produced during the Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia) programme, an educational and collaborative platform for supporting the development of critical discourse on performing arts in the region. Taking the topic of crisis, the publication collects texts which approach the term from a a variety of angles: political, economic, ecologic; and try to function as proactive propositions how to live and work in times of normalised crisis. The contributions are authored by participants of the third programme cycle: Alexandra Balona, Nassia Fourtouni, Aleksandar Georgiev, Nina Gojić, Ana Letunić, Ellen Soderhult and Aniko Szucz.

The publication is part of the Critical Practice (Made in Yu) programme realized as collaboration of Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture in Skopje, Station Service for contemporary dance in Belgrade, and Nomad Dance Academy in the frame of Life Long Burning project




2.     Thursday and Friday, July 12 and 13

Room 509

Invisible Faces – documentary film screening

'In/Visible Faces' is a documentary that follows the creative journey of a group of male refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran together with Serbian NGO Talas Creative Therapies. Between June and September 2017, the members of Talas formed a group with these men in Belgrade. Using the method of dramatherapy, they started building a new space of possibilities together where the imagination, creativity, communication and expression could develop. The dramatherapy workshops were led by Lidija Andonov and assisted and organised by Shira Wolfe. The documentary was filmed and directed by Katarina Ćirilović-Popović. This film was realised as part of the 'Integram' project, in collaboration with Nemir Film. The project was coordinated by Dragana Djukić.


3.    Scholarship at Risk: Focus on Palestine – added GP session

GP7, Friday, July 13

9:00 – 10:30

Faculty of Philosophy


Co-chairs: Sruti Bala and Samer Al-Saber

Video testimonials:

Rania Jawad, Rayya El Zein, Gabriel Verghese + 1-2 more (to be confirmed)

Palestinian theatre and performance scholars, artists and educators face discrimination and systemic violence on a daily basis. Their experiences of living and researching under settler-colonial conditions and military occupation in an asymmetrical conflict zone has not been acknowledged by the international academic community. This roundtable session is a space for Palestinian voices and presence, notoriously underrepresented at IFTR, testifying to the particular challenges, obstacles, and risks they face in conducting research and writing about Palestinian theatre and performance. Additionally, the session also works to open a discussion on what solidarity with Palestine might look like for international scholars, researchers, and theatre makers. Given IFTR 2018 conference’s central theme of migration, borders, and stasis, this session gathers voices of scholars in the field of theatre and performance testifying to how the settler colonial present in Palestine blocks and accelerates movement, thwarts collaboration, and violates freedom of expression, with responses from scholars working on the effects of settler colonialism in other times and places. In addition to addressing the absence of freedom of movement for Palestinians and risks of producing and researching Palestinian theatre and performance, the panel raises questions about the dynamics between researcher and Palestinians as an object of academic scholarship.



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