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The BJPS, online journal that does not charge any submission or publication fees, is accepting submissions of unpublished papers within the scope of the general topic PERFORMING ARTS IN THE SCHOOLS

The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies [Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença], an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that does not charge any submission or publication fees, is accepting until April 30, 2018 submissions of unpublished papers within the scope of the general topic PERFORMING ARTS IN THE SCHOOLS.


The Performing Arts (in their multiple forms: theater, dance, performance, animation, opera, circus, etc.) have distinct ways of being practiced in K-12 Education. In Brazil, the dramatic play and the theatrical play are quite present in what has been called Theater Education. Dance, in turn, is a more recent curriculum component and artistic practice with the Arts. Similarly, several hybrid practices, finding their territory in the scene, can be mapped in school pedagogical practices. Whether as an occasional ludic activity or as a creative process, having a specialized teacher as the coordinator or not, these practices are part of many school institutions and are present in the life of children and youth everywhere.


In the anglophone world, the tradition of school plays is common. The school theater has produced an unlimited number of situations in which pedagogy and arts are mixed.


In France, the tradition of the dramatic text is widespread, just as the jeu dramatique is a reference in school workshops jointly conducted by teachers and artists.


All these possibilities and many others associated with the emergence of Performance, bring to schools inspiring issues of hybridization of forms, political engagement, dis-hierarchization of functions, suspension of limits and deconstruction of habits, posing new questions and fostering new perspectives on artistic doings at school.


In these distinct contexts, the research on Performing Arts in the Schools has produced, in recent years, interesting theoretical arrangements, multiple methodological interventions and diverse associations of topics. The current prominent themes are crossed by artistic, poetic, aesthetic and social aspects proposed by performing arts practices in K-12 Education.


For this problematization on Performing Arts in the Schools, the Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies aims to provide an opportunity to explore the topic from various perspectives. The authors might develop theoretical essays or papers resulting from empirical and/or historical research on the Performing Arts and their distinct variations in relation to one or more of the following topics:


·                 Performance in Schools

·                 School as Performance

·                 Theater at School

·                 School plays and School Events

·                 Dance in Schools

·                 Circus and School

·                 Hybrid Artistic Languages in Schools

·                 Forms of Animated Theater in Schools

·                 K-12 Education and Performing Arts Policies

·                 Performing Arts and Curriculum

·                 Performing Arts in National Guidelines, Documents, and Curricula

·                 Pedagogies and Didactics in Performing Arts

·                 School, History and Performing Arts

·                 Body, Subjectivity and Performing Arts

·                 Performing Arts and Difference at School

·                 Performing Arts and Gender Issues at School

·                 Planning and Evaluation in Performing Arts

·                 Teacher Work in Performing Arts

·                 Teachers Training in Performing Arts for K-12 Education

·                 Teacher-Artist Practice in the community and at School

·                 Performing Arts, Childhood and School

·                 Performing Arts, Youth and School

·                 Performing Arts, Community and School


The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies accepts articles resulting from research conceptually linked to the fields of performance, theater, dance and other similar languages, paying special attention to those using images and videos to develop their reflections. It also accepts articles from interconnected, related fields, which establish a dialogue with the Presence terms. Submissions should conform to the journal's standards and be posted directly into our submission system, where they will go through our general evaluation process. In order to submit a paper for this call, it is essential to select the proper section (Performing Arts in the Schools). We remind you that the journal does not charge for the submission or the publication and uses the double-blind peer-review system. The text can be sent in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French and will be published in two languages. Authors who send texts in Portuguese and Spanish (and those who are Portuguese speaking) will be asked to send a translation in English. The journal will provide the translation to Portuguese of those papers sent in English or French whose authors are native in these languages. Additional information can be found in our website,; our guidelines can be found in “Author Guidelines”.

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