The Marvel & DC Universes CFPs

30 April, 2018 by Alicia Goodman | 0 comments

The Marvel & DC Universes CFPs

The editors are seeking around 5,000-word essays related to any aspect of the Marvel/DC Universe. We are seeking pieces that are academically sound & accessible to general readers.

The Marvel Universe & The DC Universe

Edited by Douglas Brode, Alicia M. Goodman, and Robert G. Weiner 

The editors of forthcoming volumes are seeking concise essays of around 5,000 words related to any aspect of the Marvel Universe OR the DC Universe. We are seeking pieces that are academically sound, but accessible to the general reader. We want a unique collection of original and interpretive essays about the Marvel/DC Universes that give original insights into all sorts of aspects related to these universes. Each Universe will be represented in its own book for a multi-volume collection. 

The editors are operating under the premise that the term 'universe' has come to be associated with the vast output of Marvel in terms of their diverse products: films, TV series, comic books, graphic novels, video games, action figures, and numerous other commercial products featuring their characters. In truth, the term is more significant than simply a catch-all as the Marvel Universe does indeed offer a unique, organized, and interlocking element that obeys the rules of a true Solar System.

We are looking for individual articles focusing on everything from the distinct quality of action figures/video games, to how specific characters have gradually evolved in film, television, books, comics, graphic novels, etc. We are also interested in current trends of the superhero as portrayed on the stage (Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark and Marvel Universe Live, among others). Possible ideas may include but are not limited to the phenomena of the superhero as a genre on stage, DC/Marvel characters in theatre, DC/Marvel characters in theatre vs. film counterparts, etc. 

Please send a 200-500 word abstract to Alicia Goodman ( and Douglas Brode ( by July 31st, 2018. Please note that the submission of an abstract and/or paper does not guarantee publication. 

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