PhD Opportunity: Queen's University Belfast

28 November, 2017 by Chris Collins | 0 comments

PhD Opportunity: Queen's University Belfast

Simulation based education: beyond the manikin….but not the person

This educational PhD provides an exciting opportunity to investigate the representation of patients, and their illness experiences, in simulation based educational (SBE) frameworks. SBE aims to have a transformative impact on learners in providing competent and compassionate healthcare. We often work with simulated patients (SPs) in SBE to represent real patients, and their experiences. However an inherent risk in manikin/SP based SBE is that actual patients’ voices, and their lifeworld experiences, may be lost or devalued in the process. The overall purpose of this project is to explore how best patients, and their experiences of illness/ healthcare, are best represented in SBE frameworks. 


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