Call for Contributions: Performance and Disability Working Group, IFTR 2018, Belgrade

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9th July – 13th July 2018, Belgrade // Abstract deadlines: 15 January 2018, Bursary application deadlines: 10 December 2017, Deadline for submitting presentations: 1 May 2018

IFTR 2018 conference, Theatre and Migration, frames migration as “an

act—a form of being/doing”, “a relational category”, “a process of

moving from one point to the other that necessitates meandering,

wandering, changing of pace, transformation, negotiation, and

adaptation”. It approaches the notion as it relates both to the making

of the Other on stage, and in everyday life, and to the moving together

of bodies, animals and things as well as to the diffusion of thoughts,

customs and forms. IFTR’s Performance and Disability Working Group

invites contributions that explore the meanings and implications of

these approaches to and articulations of migration within a disability,

theatre and performance context. From the representational traditions

of constructing the disabled body as the ultimate Other and locating it

to the margins of margins to the playfulness, creativity and unruliness

of disability cultures and coalitionary politics of disability

communities; from the way disabled people change pace, crip time, and

negotiate their movements and selves in relation to an ableist world to

the performative acts of migration that form new collectivities on and

off stage, the intermingling of disability, migration and performance

opens up a hole set of questions, tensions and possibilities. IFTR

Performance and Disability Working Group invites academic papers,

practice-led work, artistic expressions and explorations that explore

these entanglements from a creative and a critical lens.


Possible topics include but are not limited to:

•             Disability, chronic illness, pain, mental health, theatre and accessibility

•             Disabling geographies, enabling performance practices

•             Mobilities and immobilities

•             Performing borders and “unfit” bodies

•             Disability, migrating histories and narratives

•             Disability, belonging, state and citizenship

•             Migration, theories of intersectionality, and queer/crip politics

•             Disability, political theatre and migration

•             Ethics of theatre and agency in relation to disability

•             Disability, and the remaking of performance spaces and temporalities

•             Disability, theatre, migration & spectatorship

•             Migrating audiences

•             Disability, performing communities, and displacement

•             Disability, performance and politics of ‘inclusion’

•             Disability, digital world, migration and mediated performances

•             Ecologies of disability, theatre and migration


Deadline for abstract submission: January 15th 2018


Abstract submission via Cambridge Core.

Abstracts for contributions of any format (max. 300 words) along with a

short bio of (max. 200 words) should be submitted through the Cambridge

Core website by 15 January 2018. To submit an abstract please follow

these instructions:

If you have already a Cambridge Core account, you can download

instructions on how to join IFTR here:


If you do not have a Cambridge Core account, you can download

instructions on how to join IFTR here:


The working group circulates papers or hybrid formats of presentations

prior to the conference. The deadline to send your material to the

co-conveners is 1 May 2018.


We would also strongly encourage anyone who is qualified to submit work

for the New Scholars' or Helsinki Prizes. Please note that the

application deadline for both the New Scholars' Prize and the Helsinki

Prize is fast approaching on 15 December 2017.  Full details are

available on the Prizes webpage:


PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline to apply for conference bursaries is 10

December 2017: This is the

only funding available from IFTR.


For more information on the Working Group and the conference see: or


If you have any questions about the Working Group, please contact the


Arseli Dokumaci, adv[at]

Yvonne Schmidt,[at]


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