Centre for Global Theatre Histories, LMU Munich

19 June, 2017 by Nic Leonhardt | 0 comments

Centre for Global Theatre Histories, LMU Munich

Former GTH project (2010-2016), recently turned into a Centre for Global Theatre Histories. New website online.

The Centre for Global Theatre Histories serves as an interdisciplinary hub for researchers, practitioners and students interested in transcultural entanglements of arts, media and popular culture.

Emerging from the DFG project "Global Theatre Histories" at LMU Munich (2010-2016), the Centre builds on a broad international network, scholarly expertise and an experienced staff. It focuses on the dynamics and flows of culture on a global scale and serves as an open space for negotiating current discourses and facilitating new avenues of writing and performing history beyond strict national boundaries.

Check out the GTH Centre's

  • Websitehttp://www.gth.theaterwissenschaft.uni-muenchen.de/index.html
  • Bloghttps://gth.hypotheses.org
  • Journalhttps://gthj.ub.lmu.de/index.php/gthj/

If you have any question regarding the GTH Centre, fellowship options, workshops or public events, please do not hesitate to contact the Centre's directors, Nic Leonhardt (n.leonhardt [at] lmu.de) or Christopher Balme (both of whom will be present at IFTR 2017 in Sao Paulo).



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