Solidarity with Peace Academics at Risk in Turkey

04 December, 2017 by Pieter Verstraete | 0 comments

Solidarity with Peace Academics at Risk in Turkey

This article is an update on the court cases regarding the Peace Academics of Turkey. It includes some useful suggestions on how we, as academics, can show solidarity with our colleagues in Turkey.

Dear all,


I would like to draw your attention to a recent development in the situation regarding the Peace Academics of Turkey. The Turkish Courts are set to begin with its first hearing tomorrow, December 5, 2017. Others are distributed among various criminal courts until April 2018. If convicted, more than 100 accused Academics for Peace signatories face up to seven and a half years in jail. Please read a press release here:


Despite being a dispersed group, now living (and some stuck) either in Turkey or abroad, these academics are calling for your urgent attention and solidarity. I have received their call to spread the below email, with attachments. There are also plenty of useful web links (see below).


I do hope some of you take up on the given suggestions. And please do circulate the below message in your networks.


Thanks ever so much.


Warm wishes,

Pieter Verstraete




Dear friends and colleagues, 

Please find attached short and insightful documents on what is going on in Turkey in terms of the case of  'Peace Academics'.


Please spread the word by 

As academics, lawyers, journalists  'under pressure' we say that freedom of expression is the basic of our profession.


Sharing this basic principle we are addressing the global community for solidarity.



Peace Academics from Turkey


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