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CALL FOR PAPERS - International Conference "Choreographic Strategies - New Perspectives", 19-20 November 2016, Lodz, Poland

International Conference

Choreographic Strategies – New Perspectives

Łódź, 19-20.11.2016


Department of Drama and Theatre, University of Lodz

The importance of choreography is currently growing, not only as an artistic practice unconstrained to dance, but also as regards choreographing space, choreographing problems, choreographing empathy, etc. Choreography is also a term that allows us to adequately describe cultural phenomena, for example, ethical choreography, the choreography of communication, the choreography of consciousness, the choreography of multi-culture, etc. This is likewise true even for natural phenomena, for example, the choreography of bacteria. The cultural, social and political consequences of these changes are now widely discussed and debated in both artistic and academic fields. However, issues related to the use of a variety of creative strategies and methodological procedures have only recently become the subject of detailed analysis.

A particularly interesting and hotly-debated issue is the relationship of choreography to human cognition. We would like to investigate how choreography is examined by cognitive science, both philosophically and empirically. We endeavour to discuss how contemporary cognitive science can expand our understanding of the aesthetic and social processes in dance. At the same time, we invite artists to present how they use this knowledge in their artistic practice and research, as well as those who use choreography as a method of teaching or even as a research paradigm in their projects.

We therefore wish to look at the issue of contemporary choreographic strategies during the conference planned for the 19th and 20th of November 2016. The focus of the conference will be in the indicated areas divided into two broad perspectives: artistic practice and dance studies. For the former, we invite those artists to participate who are ready to present their strategies and are trying to establish them in their chosen theoretical or philosophical context. For the latter, we seek interdisciplinary research analysing new methods and methodologies of contemporary choreographic strategies.

Issues of particular interest include:

- The interaction of choreography with theatre, visual arts, architecture and other types of art.

- New-media choreographic strategies.

- Research in contemporary choreography embedded in neuroscience and cognitive science, in particular: the 4ES approach, the neuro-aesthetics of dance, post-cognitivist approaches, etc.

- Interdisciplinary research in choreology.

- The effectiveness of empirical studies in dance (neuroimaging, cognitive tests, motion-capture, etc.).

- Research-led practice strategies in choreography and in particular, methods of knowledge/data transfer between research and practice.

- Practice-led research in science, including choreography as a tool in research and teaching.

- A critical approach in analysing these issues in a broader methodological context.


Selected papers will be published in the reviewed monograph. Details to be announced soon.

Submissions containing contact details, information about affiliation, title and abstract (max. 1000 characters) of the presentation (20 minutes) should be sent to by 16/10/2016. Confirmation of acceptance of presenters’ papers with organizational details will be sent as soon as possible via email. The registration fee of 90 EUR should be transferred on the account given also with the confirmation. The fee covers the costs of organizing the meeting, conference materials, refreshments and part of the cost of issuing the publication.

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