XIII International Conference of Indian Society for Theater Research-Call for Papers: Travelling Performance and Theatre Cultures: Assessing Praxis, Paradigms and Perspectives

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XIII International Conference of Indian Society for Theater Research-Call for Papers: Travelling Performance and Theatre Cultures: Assessing Praxis, Paradigms and Perspectives (1)

Proposals are invite for General Conference and for the Research Scholars’ Forum from scholars, researchers and practitioners of Theatre, dance, music, media and other related areas.

XIII International Conference of

Indian Society for Theater Research 

Organized by

Cultural Education Centre, Aligarh Muslim University

23-25 January 2017

Travelling Performance and Theatre Cultures: Assessing Praxis, Paradigms and Perspectives

Call for Papers

Travelling theatres and performance traditions have been part of all the cultures across the world. Travelling performance traditions emerge as embodiment of activist zeal of anti-puritanism in performance cultures across the world irrespective of the fact that travelling performances are innately connected with epics, mythologies and religious bodies. When the British landed on the east coast of India, theatre companies of Europe followed them in the decades to come. European theatre thus travelled to India in late 18th century and formidably influenced the shaping of modern theatre in India. Travelling performance traditions define the performative contours of the Indian subcontinent in the past as well as present. Pre-Sanskrit era, Sanskrit theatre traditions in 1st Century AD, Sufi performance cultures born in early centuries of the last millennium, the Bhakti Movement performance traditions, Colonial period and vernacular theatre traditions (that engendered the flourishing of various languages across the subcontinent) are witness to the performers who travelled to sing, dance, act and play music. The movement of the performers in the travelling troupes would be guided by the seasonal changes, festival celebrations, invitations from the patrons and sometimes due to politics as well. In the contemporary performance cultures too the travelling performers and theatres form significant component of the performance world. With the neoliberal paradigms working as guiding forces the travelling and touring theatres / performances need to be critiqued in varied perspectives. In the light of this, the present Conference aims to survey, assess and document the mobility, changeablity, transaction, interaction, precarity, flux and affect associated with travelling performance cultures in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.   




Abstracts are invited (not limited to) on the following ideas:

1.     History and travelling performance tradition

2.     Travelling performance as mass movement

3.     Lives and achievements of travelling performers  

4.     Documentation of travelling performance traditions

5.     Religion and travelling performance

6.     Colonial and Postcolonial Travelling Performances

7.     Theatre festivals of travelling troupes: Traditional and Contemporary

8.     Folk, ethnic, vernacular, regional and linguistic paradigms in travelling performances

9.     Travelling puppeteers, magicians, circus, jugglers and street performers

10.   Touring / Travelling Mandlis, Akharas, Troupes and the Power Cultures

11.   Travelling Performance and Patronage

12.   Travelling Performance / Theatre and the influence on Culture

13.   Ethnography of Travelling Troupes and Performers

14.   New-age cultures of travelling performance

15.   Neoliberalism and Travelling theatres/performances

16.   Activism and Travelling theatres/performances

17.   Travelling Performances and the Virtual World

18.   Political Movements of Travelling Performances

19 Corporate cultures and Travelling Performance 

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th November 2016 

For further detail and guideline contact: Dr. Vibha Sharma at <vibz_s@yahoo.co.in>








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