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call for proposals

Interweaving Cultures: Theory and Practice - University of Malta - 8-10 March 2017

Interweaving Cultures: Theory and Practice

Annual Conference hosted by

The School of Performing Arts

University of Malta

8-10 March 2017

Call for Papers

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Erika Fischer-Lichte, Director of the International Research Centre ‘Interweaving Performance Cultures’, Berlin.
Mr. Fadhel Jaibi, Theatre Director, Director of the National Theatre of Tunisia, Tunis. 
Prof. Felicia McCarren, School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University, New Orleans

The School of Performing Arts at the University of Malta will be holding its fourth Annual Conference in March 2017, on the theme of Interweaving Cultures: Theory and Practice. 

The term ‘Interweaving’ was applied to performance by Erika Fischer-Lichte, who specifically chose the name ‘Interweaving Performance Cultures’ for the international research centre she founded at the Freie Universitat, Berlin. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the term as: ‘ to twist together or combine two or more things so that they cannot be separated easily’. The meeting of two or more cultural realities may result in various degrees of confrontation or adaptation; all cases are underpinned by power relations. Adaptation implies a selective process which may lead to a blending of certain cultural traits or expressions. Confrontation implies both encounter and clash; it can either lead to opposition, or to the creation of ‘hybrid’ realities. The interweaving of cultures was a recurrent feature in colonial regimes, but it is also a product of modern globalization.

In view of the above, the conference will explore issues such as:

- merging forms in colonial times
- constructing performance in a globalized world
- processing performance aesthetics
- culture and power dimensions
- entwining performance and technology
- connecting cultural difference 
- intercultural practice
- transforming celebration 
- post-colonial and post-migratory diversity.

Abstracts of a maximum of 250 words should be submitted by the 10th January 2017 to Prof. Vicki Ann Cremona, Chair of the School of Performing Arts, and conference convener at putting as subject ‘Conference Abstract’. Acceptance will be confirmed by the end of January. Kindly include a brief bio-note and any technical equipment you might need.  Primarily, the conference will take the form of conventional 15 to 20 minute-presentations, but presenters wishing to suggest Practice as Research contributions or other forms of practical work are also invited to contact the conference convener. 


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