PARtake : The Journal of Performance as Research Call for Submissions

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PARtake : The Journal of Performance as Research Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions and E-Journal launch. PARtake:The Journal of Performance as Research is now live and seeking submissions in multiple formats. Visit for more info.

PARtake is a new peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to exploring the theory and application of performance in practice, and the research outputs created through these processes. Performance-as-Research is, for us, an investigation into the material, epistemological, and ontological fundamentals of all forms of performance, intended or otherwise. We seek work created and critiqued from the “scholartist” perspective. Questions we ask are: how does practice inform theory? How does theory inform practice? How do we form an affective and effective praxis? What is embodied research? Can the research we engage in be a collaborative and/or collective experience? In investigating these questions, we embrace voices that have not been fully considered as valid and sufficiently rigorous in the traditional academic research model, and question in what ways we adequately represent the “products” generated inside the practice-as-research model.

Call for Submissions

How do you articulate and define performance-as-research? How can performance-as-research open up possibilities for novel ways of understanding the synergy between artistic practice and theoretical inquiry?

The often uneasy binary between arts practice and academic institutions in the United States is perhaps even greater than the dichotomy existing between theory and practice. How might rigorous and innovative research occur within traditionally regarded performance pieces? Also, how might methods from other disciplines such as New Media Studies, Architecture, Anthropology, Education, and the Visual Arts consider their research as performative, expanding more traditional approaches within the field?

We welcome new forms of textual analysis and documentation desiring to widen the aperture of performance writing, offering a continually evolving set of requirements and thus are looking for submissions of artistic and academic research presented in all formats, including traditional, creative, innovative, and integrative. We also welcome traditional forms of research like the academic article.

We ask for submissions in five areas:


We welcome articles that engage with the prompt below:

When we write about performance, what happens to that performance? How does our writing about performance re-perform, redefine, and recreate the work? In this process, what does the source material now become? In what ways can the language we use to document or describe what happens in a specific space and temporality radically open up the work and its associative discourse/s, rather than act as a restraining force through analysis? There are many languages to explore and utilize in this investigation. We invite experiments in writing about/for/in performance. We invite the act of writing as research in itself, as a way to infiltrate, aerate, and celebrate the discoveries embedded in the process of making--and presenting--artistic work. Please see guidelines for specifications and style expectations.

Multimedia/Digital Explorations

For digital content we additionally ponder: in what ways can digital content as performance and research open up a new realm of accessibility and inclusivity? How does a different form of accessibility via digital technology influence the work itself or how the work is perceived? How does your digital work dismantle, spur, or re-imagine research? How does your work “perform” digital research? Does your art function as an experiment? How do you identify yourself as a researching performance artist by the context and framing of your work? Who or what is the subject of the research? We invite exploration of these and other questions through various multimedia and digital media, including but not limited to: video, web-based pieces, photo essays, audio recording and graphic recording. Please see guidelines for specifications and style expectations.

Visual Art

PARtake contends that various modes of visual art have the ability to act as a form of performance in itself, detached from any formal exhibition of said work. Offering this as a challenge to prospective artists and critics, we welcome photo documentation of visual artworks that have been approached as a form of research-based inquiry (loosely construed). We welcome work from artists with or without accompanying written documentation explaining and/or critiquing the artwork as performance. Please see guidelines for specifications and style expectations.

Performance Reviews

To assess the state of the field and the ways in which artists engage in multiple modes of expressing narrative, we invite performance reviews of events used in/as research as well as those created specifically for exhibition and/or entertainment. We welcome performance reviews from various fields. Our performance reviews section will be published on an ongoing basis, beginning in April of 2016, so that we may exhibit criticism and exploration of works still in recent memory or continuing to perform. Please see guidelines for specifications and style expectations.

Book Reviews 

We publish reviews of books relevant to performance in general, with a specific interest in Performance-As-Research, Performance Philosophy, Performance and Technology, and Performance Studies, broadly defined. Please see guidelines for format and submission process.


If your investigation/project falls outside these categories but you believe it still operates within the spirit of the journal, please feel free to contact us.

All submission inquiries should begin by visiting and filling out our official submission/inquiry form. This part of the process includes a proposal and/or abstract submission due by April 1st. Guidelines for submissions are found on the website. 

Upon abstract/proposal approval, final submissions will be due May 15th.

For questions about the call for submission please contact the managing editors at

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