CfP: [sic!] Summer Institute Cologne – In Situ – 22 Aug - 2 Sep, 2016

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CfP: [sic!] Summer Institute Cologne – In Situ – 22 Aug - 2 Sep, 2016

The international summer school [sic!] Summer Institute Cologne is looking for participants (master's, PhD) in this two-week long programme. 2016's topic is "In Situ".

We invite graduate and postgraduate students from Area Studies, Art History, Classics, Communication, Cultural Studies, Dance, English, Film, Gender and Sexuality Studies, German, History, Literary Studies, Media, Music, Performance, Sound, Theatre, and related fields to apply for this international interdisciplinary program. (All sessions will be conducted in English.) Participants and faculty of [sic!] 2016 will explore perspectives on the topic in situ through four themed seminars: 

  • Queer Becomings and Unnatural Intimacies (led by Nick Davis and Christiane König)
  • Sound Studies (led by Frank Hentschel and Jacob Smith)
  • Theatre Historiography (led by Tracy C. Davis and Peter W. Marx)
  • Urbanism and Hip Hop (led by Sandra Kurfürst and Ivy Wilson)

Each seminar will be led by a pair of scholars from Northwestern University (Evanston, USA) and the University of Cologne (Germany). In addition to the seminars, [sic!] offers interdisciplinary academic workshops that allow for a dialogue with participants from across the seminars. Each participant enrolls in one seminar and one workshop, thus composing an individual study program. Seminars and workshops are enhanced by excursions, lectures by faculty, poster presentations by students, and social gatherings. The University of Cologne assists participants in identifying accommodation and with other basic logistics.

The Latin term in situ means to be in the original place. Additionally, it means to be in position and, by extension, refers to a normative, rightful, historical, or naturalized location or condition. Knowing that something is unaltered implies awareness of conditions and criteria for alterability and what would constitute mobility, displacement, and change that come about through contact, recombination, contamination, or even representation. Whether considering the contrast between natural sound and its capture, transnational sharing of media, shifting and expanding categories of social and cultural identity, or the performative vocabularies that refer to place, [sic!] 2016 will explore contemporary and historical, local and global instantiations of in situ through many perspectives.


Please find more information on the seminars and application here:

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