Call for Papers: Theatre Architecture Working Group IFTR Conference São Paulo 2017

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Call for Papers: Theatre Architecture Working Group  IFTR Conference São Paulo 2017

The Theatre Architecture Working group invites proposals from new and existing members for the 2017 IFTR Conference in São Paulo, Brazil, 10-14 July.

The purpose of the Theatre Architecture Working Group is to explore all that theatre architecture has been historically, is at present, and might be in the future, while also asking how else the disciplines of theatre and architecture intersect. For our forthcoming meeting during the IFTR conference in São Paulo, Brazil, we invite proposals which address either the conference theme of ‘Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities’ or the related theme of ‘Questions of Scale’. You are welcome to submit a proposal that addresses or overlaps with both. Critical observations about the transformative effect of migratory flows and cultural flux on artistic categories and concepts, and on institutional relations, beg a critical re-examination of ideas and practices of theatre architecture and the changing relationship between theatre and architecture. Theatre’s ‘geographical turn’ prompts us to consider how dominant models of theatre architecture have been adapted, appropriated, contested or rejected in specific cultural or geographic contexts, and how the place of purpose-built theatres is currently being challenged. It encourages us to ask how questions of scale and mobility figure in the design and use of contemporary theatre architecture, and how the relationship between geographies and multiple theatricalities is articulated or made visible. We invite new and existing members to submit proposals which investigate any aspect of theatre architecture as it relates to these questions of multiple geographies and theatricalities. In addition, we invite proposals which examine any aspect of the shifting and unstable relationships between theatre and architecture.

Proposals may address (but are not limited to):
  • Shifting relations between dominant and local traditions in theatre architecture or performance space
  • Cultural influence and / or appropriation in theatre architecture
  • Scale in theatre architecture and site-specific performance (e.g. the miniature / human scale / building scale / urban scale / national scale / global scale)
  • Theatre architecture and political, ideological and cultural hegemony
  • Analogue and digital practices of modelling theatrical performance and/or architecture
  • Shifts and changes in the function of theatre architecture
  • The re-use or adaptation of empty and abandoned theatre buildings
  • The theatre as a paradigm for how to build for the common good (see Todd 2016)
  • Theatre, architecture and mobility
  • Spatial dramaturgy, architecture and geographies of performance
  • Mobile, telematic, nomadic, pop-up and other spatially unconventional theatres
  • ‘Architecting’ theatre and performance (see Wickstrom 2010 and 2014)
During the IFTR conference in São Paulo we also warmly welcome new members who wish to take part in the group's discussions, but who do not want to submit a paper.
Submission Procedures
Abstracts should be submitted through the conference website, which contains detailed instructions. Please visit Make sure that you indicate that you are submitting to the Theatre Architecture Working Group. Please also send a copy of your abstract to the Working Group conveners via email. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 January 2017.
Our Process
The Theatre Architecture Working Group works by circulating papers (of 3,000 words) to members in advance of the conference. Speakers are then invited to speak ‘to’ their paper, after which time discussion of their paper follows. This format is structured to encourage in-depth exchange and a constructive and supportive ‘workshopping’ of members’ papers.
For our meeting during the IFTR conference in São Paulo we will be altering this format slightly. Having circulated papers in advance, speakers will be invited to speak for no more than seven minutes and will be paired with a respondent from the group who will offer a seven-minute response. This fifteen-minute presentation and response format will then be followed by fifteen minutes of discussion by the group.
We ask that selected papers be emailed to the conveners by June 20, 2017, for uploading to the group’s shared Dropbox. We also strongly encourage attendance at every session of the Working Group during the conference.
Further Information about the Theatre Architecture Working Group
In its aim to foster international exchange, the IFTR offers financial aid to scholars wishing to participate in its Annual Conference. These bursaries are awarded on the basis of merit, relevance to the conference or Working Group theme, and financial need. For information and instructions about bursaries, and to download the application form, please visit:
Working Group Conveners
Dr. Juliet Rufford:
Dr. Andrew Filmer:

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