Stunt / Action / Fight Choreography actors - audition - London 17th December 2015

25 November, 2015

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Lishi in Performance is excited to be hosting one of Hollywood's foremost stunt action / fight coordinators Dave Lea in London on Thursday the 17th December 2015.

You are invited to audition to attend a three hour Lishi in Acting workshop (10am - 1pm) and two hour Dave Lea Hollywood Action Stunt Fighting/Acting Seminar (1pm - 3pm).  

Cost £90 per person including Certificate.  Open to all!  Even if you have no prior experience in stunt / action / fight or acting skills you will gain some!

The Lishi in Performance workshop will help you to train your Chi energy to enhance the presence and vitality in your acting and performance work. You will learn martial movement sequences from Dr Alexander Boyd (Lishi performer/teacher for over 20 years) that will be utilised and directed by Dave Lea in the Stunt Action / Fighting seminar.  Filming will take place throughout the day and will feature your work and provide you with camera experience plus invaluable show reel material. Certificates are not simply given but must be earned on the day and provide a credential that has status in the UK / USA.

To audition you must express interest by reserving an Audition Request from the Eventbrite page. Numbers are limited and your audition will be based on a 'first come, first served' basis and a thorough review of your resume and portfolio. We will contact you by email to request the following information:

Head shot / Full body shot / Your best action shot / Resume / Any links to your work.


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