Reminder CFP: Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy: collisions and convergences

26 May, 2015

Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy: collisions and convergences

Call for Papers

There have been significant critical contributions to the fields of translation,

adaptation, and dramaturgy in the last couple of years. Theatre and Adaptation:

Return, Rewrite, Repeat, edited by Margherita Laera, Translation and Adaptation in

Theatre and Film, edited by Katja Krebs, and New Dramaturgy, edited by Katalin

Trencsényi and Bernadette Cochrane come immediately to mind.

Where there remains a gap in the field is a collection that addresses the relationship –

the collisions and the convergences – between the three fields. The proposed edited

collection, Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy: Collisions and Convergences,

takes as its theme an examination of the collisions and convergences between

translation, adaptation, and dramaturgy. The import of ‘collision’ lies in it being

understood as “the encounter of opposed ideas and interests” but also carrying the

sense of “the action of coming into contact (with no notion of violence or hostility);

co-incidence, conjunction” (OED). Between these two poles exists the notion of

convergence. The three terms – hostility, co-incidence, and convergence – enable a

critical engagement apropos translation, adaptation, dramaturgy, and the complex

relationships therein. It is this complex of relations that is the focus of the collection.

Project Details:

Editorial team: Bernadette Cochrane, Katja Krebs, Christophe Collard, Maria


Please, send a 300 – 500 word abstract to transdapturgy@gmail by no later than the

15th of June. 2015

If your proposal is accepted for inclusion you will be notified during July 2015.

Two publishers are currently interested in publishing the collection. The final

submission to the publisher will be shaped around the successful abstracts. Estimated

date of publication is late 2017.

Approximate Submission Deadlines:

The first draft of your article will be due on the 30 November 2015. It is this draft

that will be sent for peer review. It is expected that the peer review process will be

completed and the articles returned to you by mid-January 2016. Second drafts will

be due on 30 April 2016.

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