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20 July, 2015

Deleuze and Beckett



Just published:


S E Wilmer and Audrone Zukauskaite, (eds.) Deleuze and Beckett Palgrave Macmillan, 2015


 Deleuze and Beckett is a collection of essays illuminating similarities between the philosophies and practices of Deleuze and Beckett. The contributors include some of the leading Beckett and Deleuze specialists in the world, and their essays address different ideas and concepts of Deleuzian philosophy as well as a wide range of Beckett's oeuvre, including his novels, short stories, stage and television plays, and film work. The book considers Deleuze's interpretation of Beckett's work and demonstrates that Deleuzian concepts and ideas can be usefully applied to Beckett's texts in order provide a greater understanding of Beckett's characters and their journeys. Deleuze's philosophy helps us to recognize that what has been seen as the private territory of despair, loneliness, and emptiness in Beckett's work masks a world of flow and fluctuation that expresses multiple and heterogeneous possibilities.


‘The respective projects of Gilles Deleuze and Samuel Beckett may seem very

divergent. Yet their conjunction produces some extraordinarily rich avenues of enquiry.

This exhilarating collection of essays offers rewarding discussions of encounters

between philosophical and performative, between the open-ended spaces of creativity

and the closed spirals of memory and decline. It is highly recommended to anyone

interested in Deleuze and Beckett, and in the intersections between philosophy and


— Mary Bryden, University of Reading, UK

Table of Contents:


 Introduction; S. E. Wilmer and Audronė _Žukauskaitė _


1. Ideas in Beckett and Deleuze; Anthony Uhlmann

2. Creative Involution: Bergson, Beckett, Deleuze; S. E. Gontarski

3. Deleuze and Beckett Towards Becoming-imperceptible; Audronė _Žukauskaitė PART II: PSYCHOANALYSIS AND SOCIALITY

4. Breakdown or Breakthrough? Deleuzoguattarian Schizophrenia and Beckett's Gallery of Moribunds; Ben Keatinge

5. 'Till ooze again and on': Textual Desire and the Subject's Presence (Beckett, Deleuze, Lacan); Isabelle Ost

6. The Test is Company: A Deleuzian Speculation on Beckett's Sociendum; Timothy S. Murphy


7. Different Spaces: Beckett, Deleuze, Bergson; David Addyman

8. The Problem of the Any-space-whatever between Deleuze's Cinema and Beckett's Prose; Garin Dowd

9. Erecting Monuments to Analogue: Memory and/as Sensation in Atom Egoyan's Krapp's Last Tape and Steenbeckett; Colin Gardner


10. Beckett and Deleuze, Tragic Thinker; Ruben Borg

11. A Crystal-theatre: Beckett, Deleuze and Theatre's Crystalline Potential; Daniel Koczy

12. 'I switch off': Towards a Beckettian Minority of Theatrical Event; Arka Chattopadhyay

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