Graduate Assistantships available at the University of Georgia: Interdisciplinary Arts Research; Theatre and Performance Studies

29 January, 2015

The University of Georgia’s doctoral program in Theatre and Performance Studies is looking for 2-4 new PhD students for Fall 2015, with assistantships available from the Institute for Creative Exploration (ICE) or from the Theatre and Film Studies Department, depending upon the student’s projected area of research. Assistantships provide a monthly stipend and tuition waiver, and they entail a work commitment related to the field of study.

Please submit application materials to the UGA Graduate School:

All applicants are considered for assistantship unless they indicate that they do not wish to be. To also be considered for the ICE Assistantship, apply by February 20 and include a one-page statement that describes your current research interests and any previous experiences in interdisciplinary or collaborative environments.

For more information about the PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies:

For more information about the ICE Graduate Assistantship:

Other inquiries? email

Marla Carlson, PhD
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Theatre & Film Studies Department
University of Georgia

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