The essence of movement

01 April, 2015

'Every movement has meaning, within the meaning is depth and within the depth is essence.'

This weekend workshop will introduce movement practices from Lishi in Performance to enable you to explore your internal body-mind-spirit.

The essence of movement

Albergue "Santo Cristo de Otadia", C/ Zelai, 91, 31800 Alsasua/Altsasu, Spain

24th / 25th October 2015

Saturday 11:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00,     Sunday 09:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30

€25 per day

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During the 20th Century many of the major developments in Western therapeutic movement practices, acting and performance art were heavily influenced by Asian traditions. The Weihai Lishi Quanfa tradition (Lishi in Performance) is one such system that has remained a whole body-mind-spirit education (daojiao daoyin shu).
In his 2014 PhD dissertation Dr Alexander Boyd has considered some of the great practioners who pioneered therapeutic movement, performance and art-for-social-change in the 1900's: Stanislavski-Alexander-Feldenkrais-Laban-Brecht-Freire-Boal-Growtowski-Barba to name but a few. Boyd has realised that Lishi in Performance contains the keys to unlocking 'the essence of movement' that these practitioners dedicated their lives to discover and teach to their disciples. That essence is located within each person and may be unlocked through dedicated practice under the guidance of a skilled teacher.
During the weekend workshop you will learn and practice mindful movements that involved proprioception, deep breathing and meditative exercises to focus on the navel (dantien) where your internal energy (qi) is stored.  You will also learn how to direct and utilise your qi through dynamic movements performed alone, with a partner and in groups. Through praxis, you will learn to reflect on what you feel as you move, touch and connect with other people and with your environment; realising their ecological harmony. You will learn how to defend your body-mind-spirit to enable you to remain grounded, centred and comfortable - able to flow with or around any difficult situation that may come your way. 
Accomodation is available at Albergue "Santo Cristo de Otadia" 
This is where the weekend workshop will take place.
To reserve accomodation at a special discounted rate for the workshop please contact:
Josune Marauri email -
To Book a Place
There are limited places available for this weekend workshop so please book using this Eventbrite platform.  Thank you.  For further information contact Dr Alexander Boyd:
email -   facebook alexboyd6268
The Surrounding District and Things to do..
On the Saturday evening we may go for dinner to a typical Basque cider-house but there's a chance it may not be open. Otherwise, there's a good restaurant in the outskirts of town called Basomutur
If you plan to stay on the Sunday evening and leave Monday there may be the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary of San Miguel, a very special place in the valley, connected to St. George, the English guy who slayed the dragon! There's a very good Basque restaurant down from the mountain.
The Nacedero is the most beautifull place in Navarre, a place with beautiful blue ponds. It takes half an hour to get there followed by a 3 mile walk - we may or may not have time for that..
The chapel of San Pedro is in the outskirts of town, in a centenary oak forest that is very nice, and also there is the chance to go caving - in the mountain of Urbasa there are plenty of caves, some of them related to the Spanish civil war. 

Of course, apart from that, the cities of Pamplona, Vitoria and San Sebastian are quite close, 30-40 minutes drive....

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