JUNE, 3-4-5 - Bodies on Stage: Acting Confronted by Technologies (Take 2)

28 April, 2015

International Conference

PARIS, June 3-4-5, 2015


Université Sorbonne nouvelle-Paris 3 /

Université du Québec à Montréal


Guy CASSIERS, Katelijne DAMEN, Johan LEYSEN and Dirk ROOFTHOOFT, Toneelhuis,




As well as Didier ABADIE, Bernard ANDRIEU,Philip AUSLANDER, Johan CALLENS, Edmond COUCHOT, Marco DE MARINIS, Robert FAGUY, Christiane JATAHY, Claire LASNE-DARCUEIL,Andy LAVENDER, Bonnie MARRANCA, Joris MATHIEU, Stanislas NORDEY, Jean-François PEYRET, Frédéric PLAZY, Kris VERDONCK, Sybille WILSON…

This conference will bring together many international panellists (approximately 100) from more than twenty countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cypress, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States). It will be in French and English and will deal with various questions concerning The Actor facing Technology.

These will include:

  1. The modalities of the actor/performer relationship and the way certain specific practices negotiate the duality of the physical/digital body (projection, immersion, fragmentation, virtualization, the augmented body, the mechanized body, avatars, robots, etc.) This axis will draw on some emblematic practices that lend themselves to tracking these mutations.
  2. The way directors and actors approach their work, as well as the methods of those who help conceive the performance (direction of the actors, rehearsals, acting techniques) in order to establish the dialogue between bodies, between the virtual and the real.
  3. The effect of these practices on the spectator. They call out to him directly because he is invited to experience these mutations, profoundly affecting the way he visually and cognitively grasps what is taking place on stage.
  4. The means favoured by certain acting schools in order to adapt to these new staging modalities.

Organization: Josette Féral and Louise Poissant

Assistant: Audrey-Anne Cyr

Research teams: LIRA (Laboratoire international de recherches en arts, Sorbonne nouvelle)

Performativité et effets de presence (UQAM)

Program: http://effetsdepresence.uqam.ca/activites/colloque-2015.html#programme

Contact: acteurecrans@gmail.com / Information : http://effetsdepresence.uqam.ca

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