International Archive of Theatre Journals

30 September, 2014

Dear colleagues and editors of theatre journals,


we have the pleasure to announce that the IATJ Database – International Archive of Theatre Journals – is finally ready and active: It is also accessible on the IFTR website under:


The database has been designed with the purpose of making scholarly journals on theatre and performance quickly and extensively accessible. The archive includes both journals that are still being edited and journals that have been discontinued from the year 2000 onwards.

This initiative stems from the pilot project on Italian journals promoted and co-financed by CUT (Consulta Universitaria del Teatro) and IFTR. It now provides an online international archive which includes – for each catalogued journal – the following data: title, short description (history, projects, eventually the current editor), creation date (and closure date, where applicable) frequency of publication, name of the publisher and/or on-line print indication, language, country, peer reviews, URL and ISSN. The structure of the database and the data related to Italian journals are the result of the collective work carried out by the “Commissione riviste e internazionalizzazione” (Journals and internationalization committee) of the CUT. The scope of the database is international. It connects theatre journals from different countries and allows users to access their official websites, as well as relevant editorial content – such as history, indexes and possibly texts – by providing their URL. The database aims now at expanding as fast as possible, in order to have a broader international projection.

Thus, we would be very grateful if you could make this tool known in your university departments, theatre academies or other institutions that might be interested.

In order to include the journals you are responsible for in the database, we kindly ask you to fill out the attached form and send it to the following e-mail:

Furthermore, to achieve the best possible dissemination, we would ask you to include the following sentence both in the online and in the paper versions of your journals: “This Journal is in the IATJ database – International Archive of Theatre Journals”

We do hope that the research tool we have developed will be useful for our academic community

and thank you in advance for your valuable collaboration.

Yours sincerely,


President of the IFTR                                                                                   President of the CUT

Prof. Christopher Balme                                                                      Prof. Franco Perrelli


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