CFP: The International Christopher Marlowe

04 September, 2014

7-8 September 2015, University of Exeter

Much current and historical scholarship has considered Christopher Marlowe’s work mostly from a domestic, English perspective. With one or two exceptions, his connections to the thought and literature of non-English cultures have been less thoroughly explored, even as scholars have begun to examine the highly cosmopolitan, multi-lingual character of English literary production and consumption during the 1580s and 1590s.

To what extent was Marlowe an ‘international’ writer? In what ways did his work absorb, respond to, imitate or challenge literary, dramatic and intellectual trends in France, Spain, Italy, the Holy Roman Empire, the Netherlands, Turkey or further afield? What role, if any, has the reception of his work played in non-English-speaking cultures?


We invite proposals for papers of up to 30 minutes on any aspect of the “international” content or contexts of Marlowe and his work.

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words by 14th November 2014 to or We are also happy to answer any queries relating to the conference. (Click for full details)


Dr. Edward Paleit, Nora Williams (conference organisers)

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