Call for Papers - CSIS 2015 Italian Contemporary Theater Panel

14 October, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Please find below a call for papers for a panel proposed for the 2015 CSIS conference, with apologies for cross-posting.
All the best,
Francesca Spedalieri; Ph.D. Theater History/Literature/Criticism candidate
Department of Theater; The Ohio State University


Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies (CSIS)
19-21 June 2015
Sant’Anna Institute – Sorrento

Voices from/about the Edge: National Identity, Regionalism, and
the Margins in Italian Contemporary Theater.
When Italy entered the Second Republic, the entire population of the
Bel Paese witnessed drastic political, sociological, and economic
shifts that deeply unsettled the country. Simultaneously, Italy
underwent a (televised) process of re-construction of national
identity; a process of re-branding that left the people of the
peninsula to (yet again) reconcile their own empirical experiences
with a re-minted, and nationally broadcasted “Italianess.” In this
time of unrest, many Italian theater practitioners have undertaken a
fluid exploration of collective and individual identity. These
investigations have often called into question the normative while
focusing on the marginalized, and have interrogate notions of
uniformity, and nationalism while blurring the boundaries between
tradition and innovation; between the national and the regional.
Drawing case studies from various theatrical genres, production
venues, and creative ideologies, this session seeks to analyze the
span of theatrical responses problematizing the notion of “Italian
identity” re-constructed over the last twenty years.
Papers (15-20 minutes) may be presented in English, Italian, or
French. If interested, please submit a 300 words abstract of your
paper and a 250 words bio to Francesca Spedalieri at by January 15th, 2015.

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