Summer Institute Cologne [sic!]: Call for Participation [sic!] 2015

23 November, 2014

 Cologne University’s international interdisciplinary Summer Institute [sic!] 2015  will take place from 24th of August to

4th of September, 2015. Participants and faculty of [sic!] 2015  will explore perspectives on Intermingling. We invite

graduate and postgraduate students from Art History, English, German, History, Media, Film, Sound, Theatre,

Performance, Classics, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies and related fields to apply for our international program.

There will be five seminars – each led by a pair of scholars from Northwestern University (Evanston, USA) and the

University of Cologne (Germany) – in the fields of Classic, the Early Modern, Theatre, Film, and Sound. In addition to

the seminars, [sic!]  offers interdisciplinary academic workshops that allow for a dialogue with participants from

across the seminars. Each participant can choose one seminar and one workshop, thus composing an individual

study program. Seminars and workshops are enhanced by study trips, evening lectures by faculty, and poster

presentations by students. All sessions will be conducted in English.

When Lévi-Strauss distinguished the bricoleur and the scientist by their differing attitude towards taxonomy, order,

and clarity, he implicitly called for the ideal of tinkering – working with found materials, accepting the lack of

homogeneity, the heterogeneity of material and concepts, and the visible seams and fragments in our

argumentation. [sic!] 2015  focuses on Intermingling – this ever-happening but rarely mentioned phenomenon – with

respect to our materials but also to our concepts and methods. With Intermingling, [sic!] 2015  proposes a term

which is similar to concepts of interculturalism, intermediality, hybridity, and interstices, yet also different from

them. Intermingling is not meant as a new concept, rather it shall be used as a tool by scholars and students from

diverse fields to join a dialogue about patchworks, differences, heterogeneity, influences, transfer, and ‘odd’



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