New Book Title

19 May, 2014

New Book Title


Palgrave Macmillan has just released in New York the latest book by IFTR members, Gillian Arrighi and Victor Emeljanow. It forms part of the series Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance under the general editorship of Don Wilmeth.


 Entertaining Children: the participation of youth in the entertainment industry

Is an edited volume of essays which reflect the spectrum of the involvement of children and young people in the entertainment industry. It is a ground-breaking volume that is broad in its geographical and historical coverage - from the Neapolitan 17th century conservatoria to contemporary practices in the Disney Corporation, from Australasia, the United Kingdom and the United States to India, Taiwan, Indonesia and mainland China. It will certainly be thought provoking and will hopefully offer fresh insights into the utilization of children as performers and theatre workers across many cultures.


Anne Varty (Professor, English Department, Royal Holloway, University of London)  describes the book as making “vital progress in addressing aesthetic, economic, and political questions essential for exposing assumptions and practices which have governed the work of juvenile performers across the globe.”


Marah Gubar (Director of the Children’s Literature Program, University of Pittsburgh) assert that the volume “should inspire more theatre historians and cultural critics to pay attention to the centrality of children as makers and consumers of entertainment.”



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