IFTR Bursary Awards: disbursements

18 July, 2014

ALL IFTR Bursaries will be paid out from the University of Warwick, University House Cash office, which is marked on conference maps. Each awardee will be informed via email of a precise collection time for their bursary. PLEASE BE PROMPT at the cash office or you will cause a delay and further queueing. It is your responsibility to see that you receive your bursary and comply with the time stipulated for that purpose. The process will probably take 15 or 20 mins. Please bring your passport and your letter of award with you, as well as your Conference name badge. You will have to sign for monies paid to you.

Awardees are reminded that the award is subject to the requirement to attend the whole conference in full and to circulate information about IFTR at your home institution.

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