IFTR Election 2014 ballot closes 14 December

10 December, 2014


The ballot for the 2014 IFTR Election is open from 14 November 2014 until 14 December 2014. The ballot was pushed back from the dates stated in earlier correspondence. Please note that only registered members of IFTR may vote in the ballot. To access the ballot simply log in to the IFTR website with the username and password you were issued when you registered your membership and thereafter you will see the 'Election 2014' tab on the main menu to the right of the 'Help' tab.

If you have forgotten your password then click the Membership tab on the main menu on the IFTR website where you will find helpful instructions. If log in problems persist then please contact IFTR Communications Officer Christopher Collins (collinch@tcd.ie) who will help you resolve them.

When you get to the ballot page you will see there that are four polls respectively for President, Vice-President, Elected Member and Student Member. You will note that the number of candidates that can be selected for each position is clearly stated next to each position. You can read the electoral statement for each candidate by clicking the 'Read More' tab next to their name. Please ensure that you select the correct number of candidates before confirming your preferences by clicking 'Vote' for each respective poll.

When you have completed your selection and clicked 'Vote' for each respective poll then you can log out safe in the knowledge that your vote has been submitted.

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