CFP: Queer Futures WG IFTR Conference 2015, Hyderabad India

08 December, 2014


Queer Futures Working Group

IFTR 2015, Hyderabad, India


Deadline for Proposals: 31 January 2015


The IFTR Queer Futures Working Group will be meeting at the next IFTR Conference in Hyderabad, India, 5-10 July 2015. The Queer Futures working group welcomes papers and performance-presentations that take a queer approach to the conference theme, ‘Theatre and Democracy’.

As well as welcoming submissions that consider the conference theme, we also invite contributions that touch on any aspects of the Group’s remit. We currently are engaged with ideas of queer dramaturgy, affect, temporality, historiography, issues of identity and representation, and queer Performance as Research. This year we are interested in the use of ‘queer’ as a verb and would encourage submissions to address this idea.

We are particularly interested in hearing from local performers who are currently producing queer work or engaging with queer performance. We warmly welcome new members, including those who wish to take part in the group’s discussion, but who do not want to submit a paper.

We are also planning a collaborative session with the Performance as Research Working Group. If you feel your proposal fits within both the remit of Performance as Research and Queer Futures, please identify this in your proposal.

Papers should be 15 -20 minutes and will be followed by discussion. The conveners will circulate more information on the format of the sessions once submissions have been accepted. 


The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 January 2015. To contribute a paper, please submit a 300 word abstract and other details through the Cambridge Journals Online website Please also forward a copy of your submission to the Queer Futures’ Conveners, Lazlo Pearlman ( and Sarah Mullan (

We look forward to building on our work and welcoming new participants in 2015.

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