Notice of Election and Call for Nominations

27 August, 2014


The President, Vice-Presidents and seven members of the Executive Committee reach the end of their term of office in 2011. They are: Chris Balme (President), Helen Gilbert* (Vice-President), Christina Nygren (Vice-President), Khalid Amine*, Elaine Aston*, Jean-Graham-Jones*, Kene Igweonu*, Hanna Korsberg, Gay Morris, Anneli Saro.

(*)  =  eligible to stand for re-election

A ballot will be held to elect members to serve from 2015-2019. The electoral timetable is as follows (please note that the period for nominations has been extended by a week):

9 September 2014: nominations close

9 October 2014: ballot opens

9 November 2014: ballot closes

 During the recent World Congress conference in Warwick these nominations were received:


Helen Gilbert (UK), Jean Graham-Jones (USA)

VICE-PRESIDENTS (2 to be elected)

Elaine Aston (UK), Jim Davis (UK), Kene Igweonu (UK), Hanna Korsberg (Finland)

ELECTED MEMBERS (5 to be elected)

Khalid Amine (Morocco), Hazem Azmy (Egypt), Bernadette Cochrane (Australia), Vicki Ann Cremona (Malta), Boris Daussà-Pastor (Spain), Joshua Edelman (UK), Meewon Lee (South Korea), Prarthana Purkayasth (UK), Alberto Rocha (Brazil)


Nese Ceren Torun (UK), Soji Cole (Nigeria), Natália da Silva Perez (Germany), Daria Kubiak (Poland), Bess Rowen (USA)

(other nominations are pending confirmation)


 Under the terms of the Constitution (article V):

  • Candidates for election to the Executive Committee must be members of the Federation.
  • Nominations can be made by ten members of the Federation or by the Committee.
  • Nominations for the Student member can be made by ten Student members or by the Committee.
  • Nominees must declare in writing that they are willing to stand as candidates.
  • The names of all candidates that have been regularly presented shall be published and submitted for election.
  • No more than two members (excluding the Student member) may be elected from any one country, defined here as country of institutional affiliation at the time of election.
  • The new members of the Executive Committee are in attendance at the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the results of the election have been declared and take up office at the second meeting. This will be in Hyderabad in 2015.

 Nominations must be made by email originating from a personal email address identifiable as being that of the nominator. The nominee must also confirm his/her acceptance of the nomination. Nominees will be expected to supply an electoral statement to be published on the Federation’s website.

 Nominations should be sent to:             

Professor Jan Clarke

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Durham University

Elvet Riverside

Durham DH1 3JT



to arrive by 9 September 2014 at the latest.  Nominations received after that date will not be accepted.


 Election Committee: Chris Balme, Jan Clarke, Paul Murphy


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