Where to Stay?

Please find below some basic information about staying in Belgrade that includes how to get there, approximate prices for basic items, and visa applications.

An interactive map of where to stay in Belgrade, with active and secure booking links to places of accommodation can be downloaded here.

 If you have any other questions a local can help you with (recommendations, sightseeing ideas, specific interests, etc.) please contact:  iftr2018askalocal@gmail.com


It is our great honor to announce that IFTR 2018 will be supported by Air Serbia. We have partnered with Air Serbia to provide special airfare prices for IFTR delegates!

Our participants will have up to 15% discount on their flights to Belgrade from the selected destinations for the duration of IFTR 2018.

 Travel period:  05/07/2018 do 16/07/2018

 *You are eligible for a discount only if you are flying from the following cities to Belgrade:

New York, Moscow, St Petersburg, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Milano, Rome, Venice, Paris, Athens, Larnaca, Malta and Tel Aviv.

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New York flights – 2-15% discount (depending on the date)

Silver brand (business class) – up to 10%

Red brand (economy class) – 10%

Blue brand (economy class) – 5%

White brend (basic offer, economy class) – 1%


Luggage is charged at a regular price, according to AirSerbia policies:  


 Discount is applicable ONLY on AirSerbia operating/marketing flights. Discount is not applicable on special promotional fares.


Getting to Belgrade


By plane


The "Nikola Tesla" airport in Surčin is located 18 km from the center of Belgrade. Flight information can be obtained through the www.beg.aero website.


Information about the transportation from the airport to the city center can be found at http://www.beg.aero/en/strana/8811/bus



By Bus


Information about getting to Belgrade by bus from various destinations can be found at  






By Train


Information about trains to Belgrade can be found at http://serbianrailways.com/.


Additional possibilities can be found on: www.eurail.comwww.interrail.eu


Visa Applications

Visa Applications

Here you can check whether you need a visa to enter Serbia. Please choose the country of your citizenship from the menu:



Public Transport


Trams and trolleybuses have limited routes but buses circulate all over the city. Rechargeable BusPlus cards can be bought and topped up (89DIN per ticket) at kiosks across the city, but they're 150DIN if you buy from the driver.




Take a distinctly labelled cruising cab, or get a local to call you one. The initial fixed fee is 170DIN and reputable cabs should charge about 70DIN per kilometer. Make absolutely sure the meter is turned on.

Time Zone and Climate

Time Zone

Belgrade and Serbia are located in the Central European time zone region – GMT +1 and/or GMT +2 (from March until October).



Usual temperature in July is from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius, sometimes going even to 35-36 degrees. Belgrade rivers – Sava and Danube, and beautiful parks are the places to rest when it is too hot. 

Approximate Daily Costs

Approximate Daily Costs

Bottle of water (0.5l) – 60 DIN (0.50 eur)

Coffee – 120 – 180 DIN (1–1.50 eur)

Beer – 200DIN (1.70 eur)

Fast food – 200 – 500 DIN (1.70 – 4.00 eur)

Meal at local restaurant –1200 DIN (10 eur)

Dinner and wine at upmarket restaurant – 2400 DIN (20 eur)

Museum entrance – 250 – 500 DIN (2.00 – 4.5 eur)

Rechargeable BusPlus card: one ride –  89 DIN (0.75 eur)

Inner-city taxi trip: 400DIN (3.50 eur)

Currency and Electricity



The official currency in Serbia is Dinar, abbreviated RSD. Money may be exchanged in all banks and post offices, as well as in authorized exchange offices. Dinar is issued in denominations of 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/5000.


The current exchange rate may be checked on the website of the National Bank of Serbia





As in most cities of Continental Europe, the electricity voltage in Belgrade is 220V. Electrical outlets are standard European.

Area Code

Area code

The area code for Belgrade in national traffic is 011. 

The area code for Serbia in international traffic is +381. 



Belgrade is a relatively safe city; just exercise the usual caution – take care of your things in the crowded areas. 

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