The Venue

IFTR 2017 will be held on the University of São Paulo, just below the Tropic of Capricorn.


IFTR 2017 will be held on the University of São Paulo, just below the Tropic of Capricorn. Although it is a Brazilian city, the weather is not so hot. São Paulo is the financial center of South America and the biggest city of Latin America. According to the British Newspaper The Guardian, the city has the most beautiful theater architectonic project in the world, the Teatro Oficina, and also the also the most beautiful urban garden, the Ibirapuera park.

 The oficial foundation of São Paulo was in 1554, by Portuguese Jesuit priests. Thousands of years before, indigenous tribes called tupi had already settled there. Nowadays, almost 12 million people are living in São Paulo, most of them descendents of immigrants from Portugal, Spain, many countries of Africa, Italy, Japan, Polland, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, France, England and many others.

 During the II World War, many European artists ran way to São Paulo. They held the modernization of Brazilian culture and arts. The TBC, the first Brazilian modern theater was created by Polish and Italian directors, with actors and actresses of French, Spanish, German, Catalan and plenty of other nationalities ascendance.

 The University of São Paulo was founded in this modernization process, in 1934. It developed with the collaboration of French professors like Roger Bastide, Claude Lèvi-Strauss and Fernand Braudel.USP, as we call it, is one of the three universities of the government of the State of São Paulo. USP is the biggest public university of Latin America, as well as the best one according to the following ranks: Times Higher Education, SCImago Institutions Rankings SIR World Report, University Ranking by Acaademic Performance and the QS World University Rankings.

 Like São Paulo city, it's also has huge numbers: 246 graduation courses; 299 master and doctorate courses; 6 thousand professors; 93 thousand students. Its main campus, that you will visit next years, has an area of 7 point 5 millions square meters.The Department of Performative Arts was created in 1971 and is in charge of two laboratory theaters and five investigation laboratories. USP also has its own theater and a Dramatic Arts College.

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