General Assembly

The 2018 General Assembly of the Federation will take place during the World Congress in Belgrade on Wednesday, 11 July, 4pm at the Faculty of Philology in the Hall of Heroes. An agenda and documents will be made available via the Federation’s website in due course.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly, which consists of all members of IFTR, is the sovereign power of the Federation. It establishes the broad outlines of the Federation’s policy, whose implementation is delegated to the Executive Committee. It receives for ratification reports, recommendations and financial statements presented by the Executive Committee and the various officers of the Federation. The General Assembly functions as a forum for discussion and will allow the body of members to articulate concerns that are of interest to the whole Federation.

Representation and voting

Each member has one vote. Each individual member may hold one proxy vote. If you wish to nominate another member as your proxy, please give notice to the Secretary General no later than Friday 22 June 2018.

Notice of forthcoming elections to Executive Committee

The mandate of the current President and Vice-Presidents, and of half the current Executive Committee, expires in 2019. Elections to replace them will be held during 2018. The nominating period for the election of new officers and members will open during the General Assembly and will last for 1 month.



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