Sponsors & Publishers

Sponsors & Publishers

Our international conference provides you with an opportunity to promote your company/organization and to make it most visible to our approximately 800 delegates from all over the world. We have created a range of promotion schemes to match with your needs and remain open to further develop your ideas about our PR partnership.

We would be happy to make arrangements for a full or half page advertisement in our conference programme, for a flyer to be distributed in all conference bags, or for your organization to sponsor the conference bag or a piece of merchandise. We are also offering you the opportunity to promote your company or organization in the newsletter, which will be distributed among the delegates. The newsletter will be published monthly, between January and April 2016. It will include information about the conference, social programme, Stockholm and other events connected to the conference.

For publishers of theatre and performance books, we will host an exhibition and book sale, which will run throughout the conference. This exhibition will be at the heart of the conference venue. Hire of a space (book stand) at the exhibition will include two 120 cm x 70 cm tables, two chairs, a powered connection (if required), free access to Wi-Fi. We are also offering slots for you to launch books in the programme, space on digital platforms or other promotional initiatives during the conference. The book launch slots are likely to be during coffee and lunch breaks to maximize your footfall.

If you have any further ideas about ways you wish to engage with our conference we would be very interested to hear your suggestions, and of course if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

 Price list for ads and sponsoring


Cost (Not including VAT.) in Euro

Flyer Distributed in Conference Bags


Advertisement in the Conference Program Book:

Inside Front or Back Cover

Full Page

Half Page





Information distributed in 1 newsletter


Sponsorship of the Conference Bag


Sponsorship of Merchandise for the Conference Bag



Price list for book stands and book launches


Cost (Not including VAT.) in Euro

Rental of One Exhibition Space (two 120cm x 70 cm tables)


Rental of Two Exhibition Spaces (four 120cm x 70 cm tables)


Book, Digital Platform or Project Launch



Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on opportunities for sponsors and publishers: iftr2016@iftr.org

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